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Sprint - For Boys - 50 ML

Sprint - For Boys - 50 ML
Sprint - For Boys - 50 ML
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Sprint - For Boys - 50 ML
Sprint - For Boys - 50 ML
Sprint - For Boys - 50 ML
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10.0 BHD

Product Description

Introducing “Sprint”, a fragrance made exclusively for your little superhero to experience the magical world of perfumes. Sprint is concocted with a distinct citrusy lemon and the exotic aromas of the sea, with hints of masculine aromas of amber and musk, mixed with earthy and exotic aromas of patchouli and sandalwood. The fragrance exudesa distinct, rich aroma guaranteed to make your little ones feel like they are walking in their father’s footsteps.

Physical Description

Sprint is presented in a vivid blue packaging, with a toned-down glass casing. Topped with a fun golden cap, the bottle is imprinted with colorful blue and gold elements giving it a sense of boy hood your son would love.

50 ML


Lemon / Marine

The top note of Sprint is a perfect combination of the zesty and citrus aromas of lemon infused with the exotic and prominent aromas of the oceans, a scent that will truly entice their curiosity.

Amber / Musk

The heart of Sprint is composed of a warm powdery and sweet aroma of amber mixed with earthy musky notes.

Patchuli / Sandal Wood

Sprint has a distinct base note of patchouli and sandalwood, emanating a sweet and earthy smell reminiscent of nature.

Oil Concentrate16%
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Fragrance DetailsEau Du Parfum

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