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Bloom - For Girls - 50 ML

Bloom - For Girls - 50 ML
Bloom - For Girls - 50 ML
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Bloom - For Girls - 50 ML
Bloom - For Girls - 50 ML
Bloom - For Girls - 50 ML
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10.0 BHD

Product Description

Inspired by the joy, happiness and fun we experience in the company of children, Junaid Perfumes introduces a debut fragrance line curated for Juniors. "Bloom" is especially made for your little princess. Infused with the aromas of peach; combined with a subtle touch of vanilla this concoction is a mild fragrance suitable for girls.

Physical Description

Inspired by the perfume's name, Bloom is packaged in a vibrant pink floral box guaranteed to awe your little one's inner princess. The wreath on the bottle is reminiscent of fairy tales brought to life within the fragrance.

50 ML



Sweet, fruity aromas of peach form the top note of the fragrance, rendering the scent with a freshness for your little one to start her day right.


The aromatic touches of vanilla add a beautiful note to the fragrance, perfectly complimenting the peachy notes within Bloom.

Pear / Floral

A unique combination of fresh floral scents and sweet aromas of pear, harmoniously comes together to form the base creating a distinct joyful fragrance.

ML 50
Oil Concentrate 16%
Ethyl 84%
Product Tags
Fragrance Details Eau Du Parfum

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