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Majmoa - For him & her - 30 ML

Majmoa - For him & her - 30 ML
Majmoa - For him & her - 30 ML
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Majmoa - For him & her - 30 ML
Majmoa - For him & her - 30 ML
Majmoa - For him & her - 30 ML
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22.0 BHD

Majmoa Eau De Parfum is a medium fragrance that is suitable for the seasons of autumn and winter. Wear this beautiful scent for an evening out.

Our Majmoa Eau De Parfum is a wonderful mixture of a variety of fragrant scents, the top note starts with the musky and rich aroma of Amber, the heart scent is the alluring ward scent that is floral and fresh, the base note is the enticing Oud that brings all of the notes together harmoniously.   

30 ML



The scent of Amber is delightful and honey-like, the muskiness of it could be described as earthy. This top note is slightly sweet and gives off warmth.


The smell of Ward is soft, sweet and pleasant. This floral scent is fresh and full of charm, it is the perfect delicate aroma.


The Oud scent is rich and royal, a beautiful and strong aroma, a few spritz of this aromatic smell lingers and remains pleasantly powerful. It could be described as a luxurious earthy aroma.

Oil Concentrate84%
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Fragrance DetailsEau Du Parfum
Fragrance ScentsAmber | Ward | Oud

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