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Oud Junaid Oil - For him and her - Arabic Oil - 3 ML

Oud Junaid Oil - For him and her - Arabic Oil - 3 ML
Oud Junaid Oil - For him and her - Arabic Oil - 3 ML
Oud Junaid Oil - For him and her - Arabic Oil - 3 ML
Oud Junaid Oil - For him and her - Arabic Oil - 3 ML
Oud Junaid Oil - For him and her - Arabic Oil - 3 ML
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Oud Junaid is the best arabian oud in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. This arabian oud can be used by both men and women.

Scents are said to be an extension of yourself, your feelings and experiences. A distinct and specific scent can take you back to a certain point in your life, a distant memory, celebrations, or even the thought of a person or loved one. It is more than just a product used, it is part of your life, wherever you go. It is part of your past, present and future, for you and your family after you.

When you think of Oud Junaid, you think of home. You think of tradition, heritage and the generation of people before us who have used it for every occasion, every outing, every wedding or for daily use. Dehn Al Oud is engraved into our lives and in Arabic culture, becoming an important part and staple in every Arab household.

Dehn Al Oud is able to transcend generations, from our great grandparents all the way down to the present day generation. For them, the scent unlocks a memory of happier and celebratory times. For us, the generation after, it is a capsule for us to create new memories and experiences to look back on and pass on to the next.

Junaid Perfumes has been the pillar of memories for families for more than 100 years, and since have become leaders in their own right, making their presence known, as well as shaping and creating traditions with their innovative, yet classic range of fragrances. A household name recognized regionally and around the world, Junaid Perfumes have consistently left a lasting touch of their excellence from one generation to another. Considered one of the best Dehn Al Ouds in the market right now, it is no surprise that it is one of the most popular brands for a number of fragrances. In a classically designed bottle in various sizes and styles, Junaid Perfumes allows you to carry it with you wherever you go, as well as different layers of scents at the heart of the fragrance, catering to the taste of each individual wearing it.

Fit for every occasion, and for every gender, Oud Junaid, epitomizes the essence of regal, strong and aromatic scents, an unforgettable whirlwind of different layers of oud, with an earthy tone to balance and honors it’s roots by which it came from. Oud Junaid exudes confidence, charisma and individuality, adapting to each person who wears it. Though typically worn through the seasons of Autumn through Spring, the bittersweet, warm and powerful scents of Oud Junaid’s Dehn Al Oud, rejuvenates the senses and can be recognized anywhere you go, grabbing the attention of anyone, and leaves a lasting impression.

Oud Junaid is more than just a fragrance, it is a lifestyle adopted by all, and is an accessory to every outfit, a final touch to every look. Oud Junaid has become a part of every family, and every culture and every moment of their lives. It is a memory waiting to be experienced.  

Arabic Oil
3 ML



Natural Oud

Oud is an aromatic complex scent. Warm sweetness mixed with woody and balsamic notes.

Oil Concentrate100%
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Fragrance ScentsNatural Oud

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