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Musk collection... a set of warm musky sprays. An essence of softness, flowers and oriental scents  Fragrance Perfume Spray Collection Gender Unisex Amount 30 ML Perfumes Rose Musk Oriental MuskFlor..
18.0 BHD
Product Description Fragrance Western Arabic Gender     Women Amount 30 ML and 50 ML Scents Top Amber  / Fruity Amber has a warm, musky, rich and honey-like, and also somewhat earthy scent.Fruity scents ha..
22.0 BHD
Product DescriptionWith the elegance of the Razji and the luxury of Oud, we launch Eba gold. A subtle Golden liquid blend of Rajzi on Oud is brought to you in an embroidered bottle that reflects the beauty of this new aroma.Fragrance Western ArabicGender UnisexAmount 100 MLScentsTop&n..
20.0 BHD
Petite - For her - Western Perfume - 50ML
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Fragrance   Western GenderWomen Amount50 MLScents TopSaffron / Nutmeg HeartTuberose / Jasmine BottomVanilla / Sandal / Musk..
10.0 BHD
Aseel is a masterpiece showcasing the art of perfumery and the beauty of craftsmanship. Aseel, like a diamond, reflects light in a mesmerizing display of colors, setting the stage for the olfactory symphony within. It contains a fragrance that is as precious as any gem. Aseel inspires us to appr..
25.0 BHD
Azure: Sophistication and leisure, a blend of leather, French bukhoor and citrus, a uniquely harmonious blend of land and sea, a symphony of scents captured within a stunning blue bottle. A singular masterpiece of perfumery awaits discovery in the heart of a sun-drenched island, where the azure sky ..
18.0 BHD
Product DescriptionA French-inspired fragrance, Thanae gives you elegance, luxury, and charisma with one spritz. A balance of scents from the boldness of vetiver and leather to the softness of the patchouli, fused at the heart with sandal, cedarwood and amber, finished with a striking citrus and ..
15.0 BHD
Renew yourself with a spritz of freshness Junaid Perfumes spray set 2 delivers a spritz of fresh confidence when you need it most! The collection brings together our bestselling sprays in a stunning gold and dark wood box with four 30ml stunning miniature gold laid bottles.Perfectly size..
26.5 BHD
Badiah Gold Hair Mist - For Women - Arabic Perfume - 30 ML
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Classy and extraordinary Badiah Gold was inspired by the golden Arabian traditions and heritage which greatly suits both the classy men and women; it embodies the astonishing appreciation for the luxurious, emotional and memorable qualities of elegance and sophistication. This oriental p..
10.0 BHD
Sprint - For Boys - 50 ML
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Product Description Introducing “Sprint”, a fragrance made exclusively for your little superhero to experience the magical world of perfumes. Sprint is concocted with a distinct citrusy lemon and the exotic aromas of the sea, with hints of masculine aromas of a..
10.0 BHD
Bloom - For Girls - 50 ML
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Product Description Inspired by the joy, happiness and fun we experience in the company of children, Junaid Perfumes introduces a debut fragrance line curated for Juniors. "Bloom" is especially made for your little princess. Infused with the aromas of peach; co..
10.0 BHD
Product Description Fragrance Western Gender Unisex Amount 100 ML Scents Top Fruity Heart Floral Bottom Musk..
16.0 BHD
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