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Distilling the spirit of success

Distilling the spirit of success


With its head office situated in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Syed Junaid Alam W.L.L. also has a modern and efficient manufacturing facility. The centralized operation enables the company to operate more than 130 exclusive outlets, spread across the Middle East, from the head office. A state-of-the-art network that uses Enterprise Resource Planning  system (ERP) consolidates day-to-day business transactions and related activities. 

The production facility is purpose-built to enable timely delivery and distribution of the end product. Separate production lines are set up that integrate various processes including bottle filling to final packaging. Each piece is given individual and careful attention to achieve high quality standards. This reflects the company’s values, corporate philosophy and commitment to maintain its leadership status in the market. 

The unit houses a fully equipped design studio that develops forms, colours and patterns in line with the spirit of the fragrance to enhance its appeal and accentuate its final product concept. Every product that is developed complies with its supporting attributes, such as its bottle design, packaging and advertising campaign.