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Initially drawn by the attraction of Bahrain’s flourishing pearl industry, the founder of the company, Syed Junaid Alam discovered a treasure of traditional natural oils and production of some of the finest perfumes, oils, incense, accessories and selections of Oudh wood from different parts of Asia.

And by 1910, he started his dealings in essential oils and traditional fragrances. Thus, was born Syed Junaid Alam W.L.L. What began as a family-run business almost a century ago, soon transformed into a prosperous and booming business enterprise.

A Blooming Heritage

The name Junaid has become synonymous with refined excellence and good taste. Passed on from one generation to the next, the company has continued to expand, adopting modern techniques and technologies, while remaining true to its rich traditions and values.

In other words, Junaid has been successfully enchanting the senses and captivating the minds of its patrons. Junaid boasts an assorted collection of popular traditional Arabic fragrances and oils. Its product line, nevertheless, is not restricted and is constantly being enhanced with newer products, reflecting and catering to the changing tastes and desires of its ever-growing clientele.

Over the years, innovative thinking and profound creativity have enabled the company to achieve competitive advantage in the dynamic fragrance industry. Junaid’s product line has come to be associated with high quality, building an unrivaled reputation.

Today, Junaid Perfumes is a market leader, proud of the highest international standards it conforms to, confident in its capabilities and highly optimistic about the future. Mission = Syed Junaid Alam W.L.L. aspires to be recognized as a market leader in the perfume industry by setting benchmarks, based on the hallmarks of innovation, creativity, initiative and teamwork of our people and our ability to anticipate and effectively respond to change.