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About Us

Our Vision...

Syed Junaid Alam W.L.L. aspires to be recognized as a market leader in the perfume industry by setting benchmarks, based on the hallmarks of innovation, creativity, initiative and teamwork of our people and our ability to anticipate and effectively respond to change.

A Living Legacy

With the discovery of a treasure of traditional oils, exotic perfumes and incense, Junaid Perfumes set out on their promising venture in 1910. Their first outlet on the famous Shaikh Abdullah Road in Manama, Bahrain foretells the story of a family with a dream that turned to reality- a dream of ever-eternal and enchanting creations.

The brand has since then been famous and the business has been focusing on offering marvelous designs of perfume bottles with everlasting, charming and beautiful fragrances.

A Blooming Heritage

Starting as a small authentic Arabic perfume shop in the Capital city of Bahrain, Manama, back in the early years of the last century. Junaid decades later has now flourished and developed to over 120 retail outlets in 12 countries across the world. Acclaimed as one of Bahrain’s leading family-oriented businesses, Junaid Perfumes’ reputation for unparalleled devotion, innovation, and excellence has spanned over 4 generations.

Our Mission...

We are guided by a multi-pronged mission in our endeavors to establish ourselves as a successful and innovative company of self-sustaining business. Providing recognizably superior customer satisfaction. Investing in research and development that enables us to achieve enhanced results, following consumer trends and lifestyle patterns. Adapting and evolving to the ever-changing technological developments and market challenges.


Commitment towards pursing honesty and practicing ethical and fair trade in our business ventures. Incessantly developing and diversifying our operations, expanding our reach worldwide and realizing growth, prosperity and profitability. Assuring a vigorous, friendly, challenging, motivating and rewarding work environment through teamwork and mutual respect. Helping and contributing towards the betterment of society, thus, proving ourselves to be a socially responsible company. Never losing focus of our roots and religious beliefs and dedicating ourselves to our traditions and rich cultural heritage.