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About Us

A Living Legacy

With the discovery of a treasure of traditional oils, exotic perfumes and incense, Junaid Perfumes set out on their promising venture in 1910. Their first outlet on the famous Shaikh Abdullah Road in Manama, Bahrain foretells the story of a family with a dream that turned to reality- a dream of ever-eternal and enchanting creations.

The brand has since then been famous and the business has been focusing on offering marvelous designs of perfume bottles with everlasting, charming and beautiful fragrances.

A Blooming Heritage

The business of a small authentic Arabic perfume shop in the Capital city of Bahrain (Manama) back in the early years of the last century has now flourished and developed over decades to over 120 retail outlets in 12 countries across the world.

Acclaimed as one of Bahrain’s leading family-oriented businesses, Junaid Perfumes’ reputation for unparalleled devotion, innovation, and excellence has spanned over 4 generations.

On The Scented Trait

Having started the company with a vigilant yet unique selection of natural products intermingled with a variety of traditional Arabian fragrances and aromatic oils, Junaid Perfumes’ family legacy of perfection and excellence continues till today.

Each perfume is like a member in the family; when it is born, it is celebrated through regional launching activities and marketing strategies. Samples of all creations by Junaid Perfumes from the sixties until now are preserved in special shelves at the company’s head office. These include collections of sprays, oils, creams, gels and accessories.

Crafted Beauty

Junaid Perfumes has succeeded in positioning its products as distinctive and unique fragrances of high quality with creative creations that are placed in exclusively designed bottles combining tradition, classy elegance and authentic shapes.

Throughout its existence in the market, Junaid Perfumes remains to be a pioneer in the perfume industry, carrying along a family legacy of perfection.